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William S. Fischer - Gurea Da
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Petite Vulva-Nose with Sunburnoil on canvas10” x 8”2014 - Gregory Jacobsen


Petite Vulva-Nose with Sunburn
oil on canvas
10” x 8”
2014 - Gregory Jacobsen

burning oderus on hadad’s lake

dave brockie public memorial at hadad’s lake

I can’t figure out whether or not ‘virginia is for lovers’ applies to the woman with the broken leg that followed fahri to our hotel room last night that explained that she wanted to be double-fisted…. Thoughts?

aside from a handful of times going multiple states away (usually with friend’s bands or whatever) with most time usually spend in automobiles driving i have not had any real ‘vacation’ since the year 2000.

flying outta milwaukee with fahri (the human, not the band) tomorrow morning.or this morning, actually. took a couple days off of work. gone til sunday. funds lower than usual. should be fun.

i used to fly once-twice a year from infancy until i turned eighteen but i have heard things are different now.

i am prepared though.

(*fahri went as far as to tell me ‘don’t wear shoes.’ when referencing the airport. i thought he was joking, but no. ‘they make you take them off to inspect them. i wear sandals. you need to also.’ fuck it, i don’t think i would ever be caught dead wearing sandals so i’ll just take them off when someone needs to look at them or x-ray them or whatever)



Kim Fields - Dear Michael
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Aw man

also just a general note,

if i used to see you or talk to you often and i don’t anymore i probably miss you sometimes, either a little bit or a lot. not to the point of devestation or anything, but i mean i still have a lot of room in my head for most people for the time being.

it’s all good. hope you are well.

pixie played her last chicago show with LIL TITS tonight. this makes me sad! really glad i went.  she’s playing her last LT shows on this tour, which starts tomorrow. these girls fucking rule and i love all three of them.

if you are too lazy to watch this video here are the dates:

8/12/2014 Madison, WI @ The Wisco
8/13/2014 Minneapoilis, MN @ Shitbiscuit
8/14/2014 Fargo ND @ The Nestor Tavern
8/15/2014 Missoula, MT Total Fest
8/16/2014 Missoula, MT Total Fest
8/17/2014 Seattle, WA?
8/18/2014 Bellingham WA @ Alternative Library
8/19/2014 Portland, OR @ Foggy Notion
8/20/2014 Seattle, WA (Columba Fasciata/Lil Tits) @ The Josephine
8/21/2014 Seattle, WA (Columba Fasciata/Lil Tits) The Future
8/22/2014 Moscow, ID Pizza Pit
8/23/2014 Denver, CO @ 7th Circle
8/24/2014 Laurence, KS @ Replay Lounge
8/25/2014 St Louis, MO Blank Space

p.s. really though you should watch the fucking video